2 Personalities and a Pool

Two very successful business men have in ground pools installed on their properties in the late 80’s. Over the years following Man A says to people “I have an in ground pool. Come over.” Man B simply invites people over and adds “and bring your bathing suits so we can enjoy the pool too” 

Now man A’s pool is the basic square pool, 3 ft on one end 8 ft on the other, with one metal ladder to get in and out with. There is potential for a second in the deep end and a diving board but he doesn’t add them. This pool is also exposed to the rays of the hot summer sun from about 9 am to 4:30 pm. There is only one umbrella in a table surrounded by 4 chairs and can’t offer any needed shade for the pool or the scolding hot latter.

Man B’s pool is the same size only curvy with an attached hot tub that can offer a lovely waterfall effect into the pool when the right button is pushed. There are steps leading into the shallow end, sculpted seats here and there that add comfort and a way out of the pool. There is also a diving board, and because the summer sun spy’s on the pool with its direct rays between the hours of 10 to 3 Man B also has an umbrella that hangs over the pool to assist the pool in its mission to help people enjoy the cooling and relaxing effects. 


Later in life, the children of both men bring their kids and friends over to enjoy, only, Man A might pop out with a stern look on his face then try to smile as he walks over to his kid to whisper “I don’t like not knowing who is using my pool. You should have asked me if it was ok.” He then says hello to everyone and asks that they be careful around the pool. Then he hastens back into his house. Eventually, his kids go less often and he even remarks that he can’t understand why. 

Over at Man B’s house, the fun is in full swing when he arrives home. He puts on his bathing suit to glide into the cooling waters, hug and kiss his kids and grandkids while saying how good it is to see all of them and meet their friends too. He asks questions and learns about these new people, finds commonalities, shares jokes, and enjoys a BBQ meal that the kids and friends make as well as clean up.  

Both pools cost about the same, but it is the personality of the people who commissioned them that determines the actual use of the pools. Also note the way and words chosen in sharing their pools. Man A is only concerned with showing off, putting out some effort to impress but not going all the way. The lack of use of his pool, even by family, shows that. The other personality, Man B, is naturally giving and caring for himself and others. He and the pool embrace a relaxing nature, and people are there all the time. His family is also very large. 

Both men have a lot of money. Only one is truly rich in life…


(The photos are stock and not a true representation of what is described above. Visuals are a nice thing to have, and the photos are close enough to help you the reader visualize the observations I have written.)


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