Life, hope, and Murphy’s Law…

We Hope, We Dream, We Plan, we fail, we re-work plans, see some successes, keep hoping, keep dreaming, express love, a touch more success, then hit with a wrecking ball, get up, brush off, try to hold onto hope and dreams while limping and wondering who the real friends are. Are we allowed to scream in pain or is it best to hide it because showing weakness is “bad.” Who can we share the pain with, can we trust who we share the pain with, and are they really hearing the words, no the pain, coming out of one’s mouth?
That is a life altering moment…a black hole where hope and dreams go bye-bye and soon the personality and possibly the life of the person going through this life scenario. However, to put words to it is next to impossible. Each person has different experiences with it and thresholds to the pain of it, which effects an outcome. All of this happens in plain site, the victim does reach out or show in some way the pain but no one ever picks up on it till after the most drastic steps are taken.
Hind site is 20/20. That is why it is good to have a strong understanding as to where any of us come from so we can have an idea of where we might be going. Even with that, there can be an issue too. A poor kid with next to nothing but a loving and supportive family can still become the CEO of the largest worldwide company, while a kid born into a family who runs a worldwide organization could wind up breaking many drug laws and killing people because instead of love and verbal support they had a nanny only interested in a check, and money tossed at the child when they cried.
Life can take us anywhere. One part what we want, one part how we are, one part what is influencing us. The mix is not easy and can either blow up at any moment or create the most sublime situation(s). Then there is Murphy’s Law…I have a love-hate relationship with him and we never had sex so I’m not biased. LOL He will pop up, he does like to fuck with people and sometimes very hard. It is worse on a really bad day when out of the blue someone walks up to your face and tells you that you are exceptionally unattractive and should die… or something along that line. It is the daft to such negative input who keep going and find the successes of hopes and dreams from all of their planning who keep moving forward. However, even though they keep moving forward don’t ever think that they are not bleeding inside, even if just a few drops, from the harshness. No matter how strong you think the strongest person is, they do have a weakness, they still need a hand to hold, a kind face to acknowledge them and their work, and most important the knowledge someone loves them no matter what, where or how they look. Because at least they hope, they have dreams, they make plans and try…many times…

Witnessing a lack of hope, a rise in suicide from the poor to the most successful has me turning the rubix cube of understanding to new and unusual patterns. #DeepThouhgts #WeMustHelpEachOther #AlwaysLearning #KeepHopefull

Lifes-Ups-and-Downs#LightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel #SoundGarden


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