Missing Laptop equals Pink Sparkles

How to upset a tech person’s life?  Have one item or more of their tech not working correctly or just missing altogether. This past weekend my apple laptop’s screen went black. My first thought was “Shit! It’s the Black Screen of Death!!” I’ve had this happen to another MAC laptop of mine not to long ago. The only way to use the laptop, which I still have, is to downgrade it to a desktop, and use an external monitor. Talk about a “ball and chain.” That is not the case with this MAC issue this time. Even with an external monitor I couldn’t see a thing. The Apple center I go to must ship the computer off to be repaired. Yes, for roughly $335 my apple can be fixed, and it will take a week of time.

Of course this week is one of my busiest work weeks, even had to hire image (1)another videographer to cover a depo for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. Of course depos cancel and we contractor’s hope other depositions book. I happen to luck out and another depo schedules. However, I am working with a monster size PC laptop that became my 5 y/o’s computer after an accidental ovaltine spill on daddy’s keyboard. So here I sit with this black monster size PC,covered in pink sparkles, with a cumbersome external keyboard, also covered in pink sparkles. I’m not sure where I went wrong with my little angel. Her love of pink is as great as the lead character in “Legally Blond.” It is not on my list of personal favorite colors. It makes her happy, and that is what matters.

Now, the only way to lug this absurd pink and black sparkly tech tool is in a large thermal Trader Joe’s bag, which adds to the hell of my week. lol Lucky for me the bag is a rather plain black and red design. Most of my other bags have lavish Hawaiian designs I enjoy in my personal life, not something anyone should bring to a serious legal meeting.

At the end of yesterday, after arriving home and setting up the beast of a laptop and camera in order to off load the day’s work, I realized the inside of the bag is covered with pink sparkles. I caught sight of myself in a mirror and realized my face has a number of pink sparkles glinting in the light. All I can do is try not to miss my laptop to much and know one day I must look back at this full week of work with laughter. Just hope the attorneys understand that most little girls enjoy pink sparkles, videographers must find ways to continue completing their work, and hope they hire me again. 


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